What is Peep?

Peep is a children's book about a little bird and his journey through Ireland. He makes friends with a cute cow and pig duo, but when a weird mishap switches his new friends' colors, the three are faced with understanding what it means to be different and learn what really matters. 

It is a tale of friendship, acceptance, equality, and tolerance all with some crazy cows, pigs, and one fluffy little bird.


So what's all the chirp about?

This book has no words in it. 

Yes. You read that correctly, no words. This book is 45 pages of watercolor and ink, telling a vibrant tale that can be understood by anyone in the world.

Art is a language. In a world where humanity is so divided, Peep is an opportunity to unite the children of the world by understanding how to communicate through art. The interpretations are endless based on your background which creates discussions about cultural understandings and the world that children's books don't typically have. This book is designed for humanity, not limited to one language, culture, or race. 

Peep is a book for life. Why buy something already spelled out when you can share art with your child and allow them to collaborate with the book by story telling, discussing, and understanding what communication can be in this world? As the child grows and gains new experiences, the book takes on different meanings. I have seen this book be talked about on so many levels ranging from early education to high academia. 




Peep is about fostering discussion and creativity with your child while promoting the arts.