The Making of Peep

I first developed Peep when I was living in Florence, Italy. the first story was a little 6 panel book that I showed to a French, Italian School in Florence while I was living in Italy. Naturally we didn't speak the same language, so the book had no words. As I stood up at the front of that class, I watched something that I will never forget. The language barrier between us collapsed as they smiled and pointed at Peep. Their eyes danced over the colorful pages, understanding every stroke of ink and brush of paint.


I became enamored with this idea of wordless story telling. 6 months after I returned from Italy, I went to the Western Coast of Ireland and illustrated this 45 page watercolor book. 


Inspiration for the characters was from these cows that I met in Ireland. Notice the one peeking out from underneath? They had so much personality that I wanted to capture in this book.

Fun Fact: I chose the name "Peep" because it is the universal sound a baby bird makes.